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I would like to recieve this magazine 605 andora dr, toledo Ohio 43609 Thank you Add comment

This product worked for ONE WEEK. After that, the red laser never worked again. I returned it and got another. In a week, exactly the same thing. They charge you postage to get it AND postage to return it. Customer Service STINKS. Everything they sell is JUNK. Don't buy anything from this company! Here's the best part of this whole experience....a review MUST be at least 80 words. Have... Read more

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I was late paying my charge account, but went online and paid it off. I tried to order a couple of times afterwards and the orders were cancelled by them and never shipped. They reported on my credit report I was charged off and owed them money. I have contacted them and told them that the account was open when I paid it off. I have emailed and sent a certified letter, but they keep insisting... Read more

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Over the past two months I have ordered 2 of the Humider Sets and have used mine for well over a month now. The other Set was given to a Family Member just recently for Christmas. Earlier this past week I received a phone call from your Main Office thanking me for being a Carol Wright Customer. I told him about my Set that has become discolored with something that can't be washed off and he... Read more

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I've been a customer with this company for a few years. On Dec. 4th 2015 I placed an order in more than enough time for Christmas. I only ordered $30. worth and awaited it's arrival. After a few weeks I checked the website and it showed that the order was held, but never received a letter or email about it at all. For some time I've had a credit account with them and my limit had been set at... Read more

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In November 16, 2015 I sent an order for the total of$63.87. My a/c# is N 753 1660 730 and the number of the check is 7938, and my name is Consuelo Velez. And what is the problem because I don't received my order and today is Dec. 16/15. The bank received that check in Nov.23/15. Please let me know the problem. I have copy of my check and that enough for me to explain this. Thank you so much... Read more

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You say free shipping, then charge 1.95 for replacement charge, plus 3.95 handling charge. through the years I have purchased manyitems from both companies, and I just do not and will not pay all your extra charges. Why don't you just put it down , what it is and duping us. I am trying to order the Gopher and mens slippers. I would like to know just how many replacement charges have actually... Read more

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I don't generally buy into the health items advertised in this magazine. They are in the too-good-to-be true category, but I was desperate. I have large, dark moles all over my body and I have tried everything short of surgery to get rid of them. When I saw Dr. King's Mole Remover I though maybe my dreams had been answered. No such luck. The stuff stinks. It smells like my grandmother's... Read more

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Carol Wrights and Dr Leonard's both sell your info, name number email buying habits blah blah that's normal to affiliates. I didn't realize that they give them your credit card number. Had a lady call me on the phone and try and use twisting words which sounded pretty manipulating, so I stated bluntly you can send me the information about the company but I don't want to be signed up for anything... Read more

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I placed a telephone order with total of $163.79 and was told if ordered 2 more items I could get %15 off of them. I expected 15% off of 2 of my items---then the confusion started so I cancelled the order. then I called back and re-ordered the items and was offered the same %15 off 2 items offer. new total was $190.12 by Jo Mar. received box missing 15% off items. so I called-was told order was... Read more

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