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I was very upset after ordering with Dr Leonards as it is my opinion they use tactics which I see as predatory to bilk older people out of money. I ordered and got free shipping.

At the end of the order process a box popped open saying to click for free shipping. I thought I had to click it to get the free shipping as that's how it appears, but I already had free shipping. Upon clicking to be sure I got free shipping it auto enrolled me into a program that bills you $14.95 a month. When I called to cancel it, they said I had to wait 3 business days to cancel enrollment.

It's my opinion this is in hopes you will forget and they can bill monthly. When I called Dr. Leonards 2 associates said I mistakenly clicked it, trying to blame me for the error, when it is set up to appear that you have to click it to get free shipping. I believe this is also predatory and it is common to blame the victim when using predatory practices.

I got call escalated and was told by supervisor I had to call again (3rd call) to try and rectify this after at least 2 more hours, so apparently it isn’t true you have to wait 3 days to cancel, but is what their reps are trained to say. All other companies I have dealt with can see order immediately, so I think this is in hopes I will get distracted and forget to call and cancel. The main customer base of this company are seniors and I hate that they seem to be taking advantage of the elderly.

I asked to be removed from mailing list, but wasn’t able to as even though I had magazine with customer # they couldn’t find me to remove me from mailing list. The items they sale seem inexpensive, but my time is worth money and it’s taking a lot of time to get this straightened out.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dr Leonards Customer Care.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Preferred solution: I would like to see Dr Leonards stop using these tactics I see as predatory to seniors..

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How did they know your age ? Your statement that the business caters to older people is unsubstantiated and therefore your discrimination claim is unfounded.

That doesn't mean they're not predators, but you need proof. Why did you waste so much time and effort with the telephone when a simple formal demand letter served via Certified Mail Return Receipt Requested would have been more effective and a lot less annoying.

I'm too old to annoy myself over trivia .... my remaining time is too precious to waste.


Sorry you had to take the time to respond. The comments I make are my opinion only. I no longer order from any magazine that seems directed to seniors, so I save a lot of time and effort!


check how the scammers customer service of Dr. Leonard’s are harassing people and trying to put holes on their stories, Dr.

Leonard’s customers service are pure crooks instead of offering an apology like decent customer service. they are trying a harassment technique to prevent their customer from posting their negative reviews. Shame on you Dr.

Leonards.com. you are bunch of liars; crooks miss representing the items for sale as well miss representing your true location which is CHINA.


I went to buy a car pulled my credit report myself first and had a hard inquiry from Dr. Leonards.

I had no idea who or what Dr Leonard is so i dissputed it why would they check my credit for no reason and no permission from me??

I would be very careful dealing with this co...its against the law to check credit without permission.. I just got fraudulant crap removed and now this...some people!!!


Oh *** I hope that doesn't happen. Contest the hard inquiry with the credit reporting agency.


I'm sorry that happened to you. I have frozen my credit so no one can run a credit check with out me thawing it. Century Link ran one, with permission, when I switched to them and it lowered my credit score by 36 points!


It took about 3 1/2 weeks to get my order.


When will I get my order? Eleanor Schmidt

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